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The Dry Valleys Helped Scientists Understand a Wet Mars
Science / Earth
Thursday October 08, 2015

The recent announcement of evidence of flowing, liquid water just below the Martian surface made headlines across the globe. When asked what this water might be like, NASA scientist Chris McKay pointed...

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Despite Storms, Winfly A Success
Features / Operations
Wednesday September 16, 2015

As Winfly got underway this year, a spate of nasty storms blew through the area, slowing progress and adding to the annual heavy workload. Despite the inclement weather, more than 200 people...

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Report Offers a Vision for the Next Decade of Antarctic Research
Features / Operations
Thursday September 03, 2015

An expert panel convened by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine recently released a strategic vision for the U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) that lays out three "strategic priorities" for future...

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A Cold Week at the Pole
Features / Operations
Wednesday August 19, 2015

It was a frigid start to July for those wintering at the South Pole. An eight-day cold snap at the beginning of the month had temperatures hovering near minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit,...

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Successful Flights Means More Access to McMurdo in Winter
Features / Operations
Thursday August 13, 2015

Residents wintering at McMurdo Station saw a rare sight in June; A United States Air Force C-17 touching down at the Pegasus Airfield during Antarctica's darkest month, which U.S. Antarctic Program officials...

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Empowering Educators at the School of Ice
Science / Education and Outreach
Wednesday July 15, 2015

To the casual observer, mid-June may not seem like the ideal time to explore the science of ancient ice. However, last month, as the hot sun beat down outside, a dozen geoscience...

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Antarctic Sun editor Peter Rejcek shoots a photo of scientist David Ainley and field assistant Jean Pennycook. So Long, and Thanks For All the Fine Memories
Features / Perspectives
Monday July 06, 2015

Outgoing Antarctic Sun editor Peter Rejcek reflects on his tenure with the U.S. Antarctic Program, which started more than a decade ago at the South Pole Station. Until then, the former Texan had never really driven in snow before.
Artist Lily Simonson sketches in the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica. All Creatures Great and Small
Features / Artists and Writers Program
Monday June 29, 2015

The story of how Los Angeles-based artist Lily Simonson ended up scuba diving under the sea ice in Antarctica begins with a tale about lobsters, moths and yeti crabs.
Palmer Station was completed in 1965 on Anvers Island off the Antarctic Peninsula. Three years later, a permanent facility was established less than two miles away. Filling the Gap
Features / Back in the Day
Monday June 22, 2015

The smallest of three U.S. scientific outposts in Antarctica, Palmer Station is the only one of the trio found north of the Antarctic Circle. Its establishment 50 years ago this year has proven vital for climate change research in Antarctica.

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