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MacOps, MacOps
Features / Operations
Thursday December 18, 2014

McMurdo Communications Operations, better known as MacOps, is the nerve center for radio traffic between the research station and field parties as close as the nearby sea ice and as far as...

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Those Were the Days
Features / Back in the Day
Thursday December 11, 2014

The year was 1979. Of the many people who stepped off a plane that year, four of them are still working here 35 years later. For all of them, it was a...

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Salt Spray
Science / Oceans and Atmosphere
Friday December 05, 2014

A team of atmospheric scientists, led by Lars Kalnajs at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Peter DeCarlo at Drexel University, are making some of the first real-time measurements of aerosol...

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Reaching Out
Science / Education and Outreach
Thursday December 04, 2014

Memphis is a long way from McMurdo Station in Antarctica, but Alex Eilers has brought thousands of students, teachers and others along on an expedition to study Weddell seals....

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Moon over McMurdo
Science / Ice and Snow
Thursday November 27, 2014

The interface between water and ice on the underside of the McMurdo Ice Shelf is where Antarctica and Europa intersect in terms of how conditions at the former may help future exploration...

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Get Cracking
Features / Operations
Thursday November 20, 2014

Between the few brief months when the sea ice in McMurdo Sound finally solidifies and then starts to fall apart again, scientists and support personnel move back and forth across its ice-covered...

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Two Adelie penguin chicks in a nest. A Weighty Problem
Science / The Biological World
Thursday November 13, 2014

Researchers recently reported a connection between local weather conditions and the weight of Adelie penguin chicks in an article in Marine Ecology Progress Series, a top marine ecology journal.
Scientist Ken Sims uses a sledgehammer to break rocks on a ridge of Hut Point Peninsula. Chipping Away
Science / Earth
Thursday November 13, 2014

Kenneth Sims is a geologist who specializes in using naturally occurring radiogenic isotopes to study Earth processes. Not the sort of high-tech job that one would think requires lugging a sledgehammer to a rock outcrop in Antarctica.
A 32-year-old Weddell seal has given birth to her 22nd pup, an unprecedented feat in the recorded history of the Erebus Bay colony. Born to Motherhood
Science / The Biological World
Thursday November 06, 2014

She did it again. A 32-year-old Weddell seal mom has survived another winter and returned to her breeding colony to give birth to her 22nd pup. This is a new Weddell population study record.

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