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An ice-core handler at the National Ice Core Laboratory in Denver prepares to process a section of the WAIS Divide ice core. The core will provide a window into the past 100,000 years of climate. It's Just Physics
Science / Education and Outreach
Friday October 22, 2010

"It's just physics." That's the mantra coming from Richard Alley, a professor of geosciences at Penn State and one of the world's leading experts in paleoclimatology and climate change, in a discussion about global warming.
Palmer Station personnel navigate a Zodiac through the nearby islands and icebergs around the Antarctic Peninsula, which is one of the fastest warming regions on the planet. Most scientists believe humans are to blame for climate changes here and elsewhere. Winter of Discontent
Science / Education and Outreach
Friday October 22, 2010

It hasn't been a good year for climate scientists. It started in November 2009 with the illegal release of thousands of e-mails and other documents from that climate-change critics seized upon as proof that global warming was a conspiracy. For researchers involved in the U.S. Antarctic Program, the recent backlash against science can be summed up in one word: frustrating.

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