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Seed fern fossils dating from the Triassic period are seen in sedimentary rocks found in the Allan Hills region of the McMurdo Dry Valleys. Seeing the Forest For the Trees
Science / Earth
Thursday February 12, 2015

Paleontologists head to the hills in Antarctica to recover plant fossils. Among their amazing finds are the second largest fossil forests ever found in Antarctica and new plant species from more than 200 million years ago.
Personnel with the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping install the laser-mapping instrument in a Twin Otter aircraft. Scanning the Horizon
Science / Earth
Friday January 30, 2015

Are the McMurdo Dry Valleys melting? It may seem like a strange question to ask about one of Antarctica's few relatively ice-free places. However, ice buried just below the dark sediment surface is rapidly disintegrating.

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