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Sometimes referred to as “the Golf Ball,” the Radome of the McMurdo Ground station sits atop the hill overlooking the station. GRACE-Fo to McMurdo Ground Station
Features / Artists and Writers Program
Tuesday August 07, 2018

Atop the hill overlooking McMurdo Station sits what, at first glance, looks like a giant golf ball. The huge structure, or radome, shelters a 10-meter satellite dish that collects data from polar-orbiting satellites passing overhead.
Matt Kehler (left) and Liz Widen use liquid nitrogen to make raspberry sorbet at the annual McMurdo Winter Science Fair. We Are All Scientists
Features / Operations
Thursday June 07, 2018

In the midst of the austral winter, as total darkness and below-zero temperatures encompass McMurdo Station, the pace of science slows somewhat. A science fair organized by station residents in their free time at the end of May helped to keep the spirit of science and discovery at the forefront throughout.

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