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Making music at McMurdo provides a taste of home
Features / Life on the Ice
Monday October 18, 2021

Living and working in Antarctica can be challenging, but the staff at McMurdo Station use music to build friendships, express their creativity, and bring beauty to the harsh conditions of the continent....

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Antarctic ice shivers from distant earthquakes
Science / Earth
Thursday October 07, 2021

Antarctica is the most remote continent on Earth, but new research shows it is still connected to what happens in the rest of the world. A new study finds large earthquakes can...

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Scoping out the seal mating scene
Science / The Biological World
Monday September 20, 2021

Biologists have been observing how male Weddell seals secure prime locations when courting females to learn more about the southernmost mammal's mysterious breeding behavior....

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Meet the Penguin Misfits
Science / The Biological World
Tuesday September 07, 2021

Looks are important for Adelie penguins, but they may not be as critical for breeding as biologists previously thought. New research shows Adelie penguins with unusual coloring still manage to breed successfully,...

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Coldest, Driest, Saltiest Antarctic Soils Might Be Inhospitable To Life
Science / The Biological World
Monday August 23, 2021

Some Antarctic soils might be the only environments on Earth microbes can't colonize, a finding that goes against scientists' expectations of our planet's habitability....

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Warm Ocean Water is Eroding Thwaites Ice Shelf From Below
Science / Ice and Snow
Monday August 09, 2021

Scientists got their first glimpse at the ocean conditions surrounding the Thwaites Ice Shelf in 2019, and recently published results are worrisome for the rapidly melting ice shelf and the glacier behind...

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A view of Mt. Erebus's lava lake, one of only a few long-lasting lava lakes in the world. Tapping Erebus's Power
Science / Earth
Monday July 26, 2021

The heat given off by Antarctica's Mount Erebus could help power instruments monitoring the volcano, giving scientists a way to study Erebus's lava lake during the long polar night for the first time. Researchers have found a way to harness the heat from the magma underneath Erebus and turn it into electricity that can power scientific instruments.
Members of the U.S. Antarctic Program's South Pole Traverse team rappel down into a crevasse to get a better view. Radar Satellites Spot Dangerous Crevasses Humans Can't See
Science / Ice and Snow
Monday July 12, 2021

Antarctic researchers and support staff can now more easily find and avoid dangerous crevasses on long traverses carrying supplies to remote camps and stations, thanks to the help of a German radar satellite.
The dark band in this section of the WAIS Divide ice core is a layer of volcanic ash that settled on the Antarctic ice sheet approximately 21,000 years ago. Ice core tells 11,000-year history of explosive volcanic eruptions
Science / Ice and Snow
Wednesday June 30, 2021

An ice core from West Antarctica is giving scientists insight into some intriguing climate anomalies of ages past and deepening the mystery of a volcanic eruption that destroyed a Greek island some 3,600 years ago.

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