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Radar Satellites Spot Dangerous Crevasses Humans Can't See
Science / Ice and Snow
Monday July 12, 2021

Antarctic researchers and support staff can now more easily find and avoid dangerous crevasses on long traverses carrying supplies to remote camps and stations, thanks to the help of a German radar...

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Ice core tells 11,000-year history of explosive volcanic eruptions
Science / Ice and Snow
Wednesday June 30, 2021

An ice core from West Antarctica is giving scientists insight into some intriguing climate anomalies of ages past and deepening the mystery of a volcanic eruption that destroyed a Greek island some...

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Southern Ocean Sea Ice Cover Has Gradually Grown Over Past 10,000 Years
Science / Oceans and Atmosphere
Monday June 14, 2021

Salt levels in an ice core drilled at the South Pole are telling scientists what Antarctic sea ice conditions were like in ages past, information crucial to understanding how the southernmost continent...

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Thwaites Glacier - Future
Science / Ice and Snow
Monday May 17, 2021

The massive Thwaites Glacier on the coast of West Antarctica is falling to pieces because of climate change. Shifting ocean currents are bringing warm sea water up under its vulnerable underside, melting...

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Thwaites Glacier - Present
Science / Ice and Snow
Monday May 03, 2021

Thwaites Glacier is melting fast because of climate change, causing sea levels to rise the world over. Of all the world's glaciers, it's the one that scientists are most worried that a...

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Thwaites Glacier - Past
Science / Ice and Snow
Wednesday April 21, 2021

Antarctica's massive Thwaites Glacier is melting because of climate change, and if it collapses completely, could add about two feet to global sea level. Glaciologists are tracking it with alarm, as Thwaites...

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A proneomenia, one of the worm-like aplacophorans Kevin Kocot and his team collected off the coast of Antarctica. Cruising for Mollusks
Science / The Biological World
Monday March 29, 2021

Scientists are going to the ends of the Earth to discover all they can about an obscure group of sparkly, worm-like mollusks. There's lots of these critters living on the seafloor surrounding Antarctica, but they're not easy to get at and only a few scientists are studying them.
Researchers Candace Grimes (left) and Damien Waits process recently collected annelid worms in the lab on board the research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer. Charting a Genetic Sea Change
Science / The Biological World
Monday March 15, 2021

Scientists are mapping the coastline of ancient Antarctica using DNA from underwater invertebrates alive today. In October, despite the ongoing COVID pandemic, a team of researchers sailed from California to Antarctica to bring back the sea creatures with evidence of a long-lost transantarctic sea coded into their genes.
Firefighter Mike Meriwether hauls a bunch of hoses past one of McMudro Station’s big red firetrucks into the fire station. Podcast: The Fire Department
Features / Operations
Monday March 01, 2021

The Antarctic Sun is taking a behind-the-scenes look at the workers and what they do to make science at the bottom of the world possible. This Episode: The Fire Department. Even on a continent without any trees, fire is a big concern. The dry, windy conditions mean that if left alone, a spark could get out of control quickly.

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