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McMurdo Station

The cargo vessel Ocean Giant docked at the ice pier as station staff prepare to unload millions of pounds of cargo February 2019 in Review
Around the Continent / McMurdo Station News
Friday March 15, 2019

February began at full-throttle here in McMurdo Station, with the support staff working in shifts to unload our annual resupply vessel, the Ocean Giant. The U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker Polar Star had cleared a channel for the ship's arrival, and she remained nearby throughout the unloading.

South Pole Station

As the rising sun brightens the surroundings, the hardened snow forms in front of the station known as sastrugi become more distinct An Obscured Sunrise
Around the Continent / South Pole Station News
Tuesday October 16, 2018

After half a year of darkness, the sun rose once again over Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station on September 22. The forty winterovers have been awaiting this moment with great anticipation and relief, only to find themselves inside a big white Ping-Pong ball of blowing snow at the day of the equinox.

Palmer Station

The station celebrates midwinter with a feast on the solstice Winter Creeps In
Around the Continent / Palmer Station News
Friday July 20, 2018

It was a busy June for Palmer station, starting with the departure of the Laurence M. Gould. After a flurry of packing, consolidating and saying goodbyes, the ship sailed on June 15th, carrying half the station’s population with it. It was a bittersweet departure: we missed our friends, but we also all got to have our own rooms.

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