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The research team prepares to take samples near Lake Bonney in the Taylor Valley Climate Change In The McMurdo Dry Valleys
Science / The Biological World
Tuesday April 24, 2018

The McMurdo Dry Valleys ecosystems are changing because of climate change. In a paper published in the journal Ecology in January researchers said they've tracked the decline of the microorganism living in the Dry Valleys' barren soils. More frequent extreme weather events are driving down the population of the nematode Scottnema lindsayae, a microscopic roundworm, which makes up about 90 percent of the species that live in the Dry Valleys.
Paul Cziko dives under the frozen ice to install the McMurdo Oceanographic Observatory Why Antarctic Fish Don't Freeze Their Tails Off
Science / The Biological World
Tuesday April 10, 2018

An innovative project to understand how fish survive in the frigid Antarctic waters is opening up new avenues for researchers monitoring what goes on under the sea ice in McMurdo Sound. Evolutionary biologist Paul Cziko from the University of Oregon is studying how Antarctic fish don’t, themselves, freeze into a solid block while spending their lives in subzero waters.

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