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Edith Ronne at the South Pole
Photo Courtesy: U.S. Navy

RIP Edith 'Jackie' Ronne

First Lady of Antarctica passes away at age 89

Antarctica’s First Lady, Edith “Jackie” Ronne, wife of the famed polar explorer Finn Ronne and the first American woman to visit the continent in the 1940s, has passed away. She was 89. Ronne, along with Canadian Jennie Darlington, became the first woman to winter-over in Antarctica from 1947-48. In 2004, she published a book about her experiences, Antarctica’s First Lady. The photo above was taken during a 1971 trip to South Pole. Ronne is holding a Society of Woman Geographers flag. For more information about Edith Ronne, see the Washington Post obituary article External Non-U.S. government site on June 18, 2009.