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Crowd of people in front of stage.
Photo Credit: Peter Rejcek

McMurdo rings in 2011

Annual IceStock concert bands together talented musicians

Band dressed in costumes on a stage.
Photo Credit: Peter Rejcek
The band Banana Hog takes the stage at IceStock.
People running in front of old building.
Photo Credit: Peter Rejcek
Runners round Discovery Hut at Hut Point for an annual New Year's weekend race.

New Year's is always a rocking time in Antarctica.

The annual IceStock outdoor music concert and festival had the good fortune of falling on New Year's Eve this year, allowing personnel at McMurdo Station External U.S. government site to ring in 2011 with more than six hours of music that ranged from classic rock to original tunes to a genuine barbershop quartet. Above, Honey Butter and the Biscuits get the crowd dancing, one of a dozen bands to play during the evening. The people in the orange and black coats are Antarctica New Zealand External Non-U.S. government site personnel from nearby Scott Base External Non-U.S. government site. Top right, the band Banana Hog pays a little homage to Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, the famous Muppet Band.

Another McMurdo tradition at New Year's is the 10K Scott Hut Race. Part of the course takes runners from McMurdo Station down to Discovery Hut (bottom right), which was built in 1902 by an expedition led by Capt. Robert F. Scott, who would die 10 years later in attempt to be the first person to reach the South Pole.