"News about the USAP, the Ice, and the People"
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CTAM Picture Gallery/Photos by Peter Rejcek
Plane on ice. 
Fueling a Twin Otter
Tent with gear outside. 
Science RAC tent
Letters madeout of snow. 
CTAM camp
Helicopter flies over hills. 
Helicopter flies over hills
Nearby mountains
Tents on snow 
Tent city
Long, narrow building. 
Camp dining facility
Person on ice. 
Camp manager J. Grundberg
Helicopter flies over camp. 
Helo flies over camp
Helicopter flies over camp. 
Helo lands at camp
Plane on ice runway. 
Herc takes off
Camp kitchen
Person on a hill. 
Scientist in the field
Mountain scene
People walk away from helicopter, plane. 
New Zealand scientists
Inside of a building. 
Inside a scient RAC tent
Fuel bladder and plane. 
Field camp fuel bladder
People on snowmobiles. 
People on snowmobiles
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