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Sunset on snowy horizon.
Photo Credit: Bill Bergholm

Good night

Sun sets on 2012-13 summer season at South Pole

Above, a last glimpse of the sun from the South Pole Station External U.S. government site before it set on March 23 at 2:31 a.m. for the next six months. It will return on Sept. 21, 2013. Until then, the 44 winter-overs will collect data on astrophysical experiments and maintain the station facilities during the dark winter months when the temperatures can drop below minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The number includes 37 men and seven women.

The 2013 winter-overs include grantee Robert Schwarz, who has wintered at the South Pole nine times. [See previous article — The Ice Man: Schwarz settles in for his eighth winter at the South Pole.] Another researcher, Dan Hrubes, has wintered seven times. More than another half-dozen Polies are on at least their second winter this season. (South Pole winter-over data External Non-U.S. government site courtesy of Bill Spindler, www.southpolestation.com External Non-U.S. government site.)

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