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Martin Robinson works the computer help desk at McMurdo Station. Every year at the end of the summer field season in February, Robinson heads to Thailand, where he trains and fights as a nak muay farang, a foreign boxer, in the national sport of Muy Thai. 'Ultimate Test'
Features / People Profiles
Friday March 04, 2011

Martin Robinson is not unlike many support personnel who work for the U.S. Antarctic Program. He has an office job in McMurdo at the station's IT Help Desk. He loves the lifestyle, and has returned to the Ice every year since 2005-06, taking advantage of the long off-season to travel. But there's one difference: He heads to Thailand to train and fights as a pro Muy Thai boxer.
A leopard seal picture by Lisa Trotter, the new Palmer Station winter site manager. Trotter has worked for the last decade in Antarctic tourism. Her love of the Antarctic has led to a project to help educate the public about leopard seals, a sometimes maligned predator. Diving In
Features / People Profiles
Friday July 16, 2010

With 10 years of experience working on cruise ships in Antarctica, Palmer winter-site manager Lisa Trotter is no stranger to the Ice, even if it is her first time working for the U. S. Antarctic Program.

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