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Hurricane Gustav lashes Louisiana on September 1, 2008 in this satellite-based image from NASA. Is Anybody Listening?
Features / Perspectives
Friday September 19, 2008

Is anybody listening? That was the subject for a panel of science writers who recently participated in an energy and climate change symposium at the University of Colorado at Boulder. While climate change remains a complex issue for the public, there are signs that somebody is listening.
Emperor penguins gather around a dive hole at the Penguin Ranch on the sea ice in McMurdo Sound. Antarctic researcher Paul Ponganis believes that by studying emperor penguin physiology, he can help doctors better understand hypoxia in human patients. Photo Credit: Henry Kaiser/NSF Back to the ranch
Features / Perspectives
Friday June 06, 2008

Paul Ponganis is an Antarctic veteran researcher who has studied emperor penguins in the field for more than 20 years. He describes the research and field conditions with excerpts from his journal.

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