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Loader at rear of an airplane.
Photo Credit: Alasdair Turner
A loader approaches the rear cargo hold of a C-17.
Loader drives across snow at sunset.
Photo Credit: Andrew Smith
A loader moves a pallet across Pegasus Airfield.
People exit rear of aircraft.
Photo Credit: Andrew Smith
Passengers deplane from the Airbus A319 at Pegasus Airfield.
Person watches plane approach.
Photo Credit: Andrew Smith
A C-17 approaches the airfield at twilight.
Pilots sit in a cockpit.
Photo Credit: Alasdair Turner
Pilots in the cockpit of a C-17.
People sit on side of airplane with cargo.
Photo Credit: Alasdair Turner
Passengers on the C-17 share cabin space with pallets of cargo.

Photos from

WinFly 2014

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Curator: Michael Lucibella, Antarctic Support Contract | NSF Official: Peter West, Office of Polar Programs