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The Martin A. Pomerantz observatory, also known as MAPO, home to the former Keck Array and the now-under construction BICEP Array. Southernmost Telescope Gets an Array of Upgrades
Science / Space and Atmospheric Physics
Monday October 12, 2020

One of the telescopes at the bottom of the world is getting a major upgrade. The South Pole's venerable Keck Array is being reconstituted into the more powerful BICEP Array, making it more sensitive and better able to observe the most ancient light in the universe.
A helicopter touches down next to the SuperTIGER landing site. The recovery team would spend three hard days to retrieve the payload that had to be brought down early. Heavy Cosmic Rays - Part II: The Death and Life of SuperTIGER-II
Science / Space and Atmospheric Physics
Monday September 28, 2020

The season before SuperTIGER-II's successful 2019 flight, the payload had an unexpectedly short flight over Antarctica. Brought down after less than a day because of a problem with the balloon carrying it, it landed in a crevasse field 150 miles from McMurdo Station. This could easily have ended in calamity. Instead, it led to one of the most daring and complicated recoveries of a long-duration balloon payload in recent memory.

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