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The IceCube facility at the South Pole houses the observatory's central servers and databases collecting data on thousands of neutrino events deep within the ice below. Over the next five years, researchers will add to it and upgrade its capabilities. Stringing Together More Neutrino Detectors
Science / Space and Atmospheric Physics
Monday April 27, 2020

The biggest experiment at the South Pole is getting a significant upgrade. Over the next three years, IceCube, the neutrino detector located at the South Pole, will be getting numerous new detectors added to its core. It's the biggest upgrade to the IceCube detector since its completion in 2010.
With Mount Discovery in the background, Alex Chartier's ionosonde sits atop a scaffolding to better understand the giant clouds of charged gas in the ionosphere. Plasma Patch Atlas
Science / Space and Atmospheric Physics
Wednesday September 04, 2019

High above the surface of the Earth, flow giant, invisible clouds of charged gas that can degrade radio transmissions, disrupt GPS Signals and play havoc with other communications and navigation systems. But they're not always showing up when scientists predicted. This year geophysicist Alex Chartier traveled across Antarctica to figure out what's going on in Earth's upper atmosphere.

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