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The ARA field camp at the South Pole is set up to deploy a station that will eventually be used to detect high-energy neutrinos. A Bigger Mousetrap
Science / Space and Atmospheric Physics
Thursday November 07, 2013

To catch the elusive subatomic particles called neutrinos is not just a matter of building a better mousetrap. You need a really, really BIG mousetrap. Scientists at the South Pole hope to construct a 100-square-kilometer neutrino detector to capture the highest energy neutrinos theorized to exist.
Scientists at Virginia Tech install a high-frequency dipole antenna in East Antarctica. Opposite Ends
Science / Space and Atmospheric Physics
Friday September 27, 2013

When solar wind lashes the Earth's upper atmosphere, the polar regions react with a brilliant light show known as auroras. But do the ends of the Earth react similarly? Scientists are installing an array of instruments in remote East Antarctica to find out.

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