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Icestock Rings in the New Year
Features / Life on the Ice
Tuesday February 02, 2016

Brisk winds blew through a bundled-up crowd, as they collectively bobbed their heads and swayed along to live music. The musicians played below large blue cutout letters that spelled out "ICESTOCK," McMurdo...

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Safety Rodeo Roundup
Features / Life on the Ice
Monday January 25, 2016

It was no ordinary heavy equipment safety lecture. On a windy Sunday afternoon, a crowd of McMurdo residents gathered at the at the cargo storage area above town to watch McMurdo Station's...

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Yoga in McMurdo
Features / Life on the Ice
Sunday January 10, 2016

On any given day, residents around McMurdo Station might be found doing the cobra pose, sun salutation or downward dog. These are all poses used in yoga, which has become one of...

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Baker Swap
Features / Life on the Ice
Monday December 21, 2015

In a show of gastronomic diplomacy, McMurdo Station and New Zealand's Scott Base swapped chefs for a few afternoons in December, giving the cooks a chance to pick up new tricks and...

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McMurdo's Crafty Side
Features / Life on the Ice
Tuesday December 15, 2015

For one afternoon in December, McMurdo's dining hall was transformed into a small bazaar of handmade wares. At the annual December Craft Fair, station residents gathered to display and swap the arts...

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Weighing Seals Without Scales
Science / The Biological World
Wednesday December 02, 2015

Scientists working on the longest-running Antarctic seal population study are using a new technique that needs little more than an off-the-shelf digital camera to turn photos of Weddell seals into important new...

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Diver Rob Robbins swims under the sea ice in McMurdo Sound near Arrival Heights in a previous season. 2,000 Dives Under the Antarctic Sea
Features / People Profiles
Wednesday November 25, 2015

Party balloons greeted Rob Robbins as he climbed out of the icy waters of McMurdo Sound on October 22. The colorful additions to the typically utilitarian furnishings of the small dive hut marked a major milestone in his career.
A giant Sea Spider walks along the bottom of McMurdo Sound. Secrets of the Gigantic Sea Spiders
Science / The Biological World
Monday November 16, 2015

The average sea spider in McMurdo Sound is neither itsy nor bitsy. Although they live in oceans all over the world, to find the really enormous ones, scientists have to trek to Antarctica. ItÂ’s a phenomenon called polar gigantism, and scientists are studying these marine giants as part of a U.S. Antarctic Program-supported team led by Amy Moran at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Jeremiah Clark and Terrell Skafer raise the American and New Zealand flags. Two Nations Honor Their Veterans
Features / Life on the Ice
Thursday November 12, 2015

Residents of McMurdo Station and New Zealand's Scott Base joined together on Veterans Day to honor the service of their nations' men and women in uniform. Through speeches, prayers and a ceremonial flag raising, service members and station leaders from both countries recognized the bravery of those in the armed forces.

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