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Passing of a Legend
Features / Back in the Day
Monday April 20, 2015

Those who knew Capt. Pieter J. Lenie - the scientists who depended on him to reach the unreachable and the crew that depended upon him for their lives - the long-serving master...

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Underground Movement
Science / Earth
Monday April 13, 2015

There is an underground movement underway in Antarctica. This particular movement doesn't involve radical political parties or fringe music festivals, though the idea of super salty water moving through the shallow subsurface...

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Sorting It Out
Features / Life on the Ice
Monday April 06, 2015

A scavenger bird of the Antarctic, skua is also the adopted name for the collection of miscellaneous items that USAP participants leave behind for use by current and future residents. The collection...

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Going Deep
Science / Ice and Snow
Thursday March 26, 2015

The South Pole is a very cold place, with an average annual temperature of around minus 50 degrees Celsius. Even the ice is especially cold at the bottom of the world. And...

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Search for Ancient Ice
Science / Ice and Snow
Friday March 13, 2015

For more than a quarter-century, David Marchant, a Boston University professor, has been exploring the Transantarctic Mountains, methodically piecing together the story of the landscape and past climate change and what it...

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Lifeblood of a Glacier
Science / Earth
Wednesday March 04, 2015

The name alone evokes a certain mystery on a continent riddled with enigmas. Blood Falls, however, is slowly giving up its secrets. A team of scientists and engineers sent a probe into...

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Work on Scott's Hut at Cape Evans, also located along the volcanic coastline of Ross Island, started in 2008. Project Complete
Features / Back in the Day
Friday February 27, 2015

Completion of the conservation work at Discovery Hut in January marked the conclusion of a decade-long effort to protect three of the first human-built structures in Antarctica.
Conservator Julie Unruh works with colleague Jane Hamill to reinforce the fragile edge of a marine dredge from Cape Royds during the 2011 winter. American Ingenuity
Features / Back in the Day
Friday February 27, 2015

Two Americans inspired by tales of heroism in the age of exploration in Antarctica had a hand in ensuring that part of the continent's early history will stand the test of time well into this century.
The proposed Antarctic Infrastructure Modernization for Science (AIMS) project would reconfigure McMurdo Station to be more efficient. New Priorities
Features / Life on the Ice
Monday February 23, 2015

The National Science Foundation's 2016 budget request to Congress calls for $7.7 billion, which represents a 5.2 percent increase over last year. The FY16 budget includes a request for $449.51 million for the Division of Polar Programs.

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