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Project Complete
Features / Back in the Day
Friday February 27, 2015

Completion of the conservation work at Discovery Hut in January marked the conclusion of a decade-long effort to protect three of the first human-built structures in Antarctica....

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American Ingenuity
Features / Back in the Day
Friday February 27, 2015

Two Americans inspired by tales of heroism in the age of exploration in Antarctica had a hand in ensuring that part of the continent's early history will stand the test of time...

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New Priorities
Features / Life on the Ice
Monday February 23, 2015

The National Science Foundation's 2016 budget request to Congress calls for $7.7 billion, which represents a 5.2 percent increase over last year. The FY16 budget includes a request for $449.51 million for...

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Running Down a Dream
Features / Life on the Ice
Friday February 20, 2015

On a cold, windy Sunday on Ross Island, most residents of McMurdo Station were enjoying the shelter of a warm building and hot food. Not everyone was there. A few braved headwinds...

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Seeing the Forest For the Trees
Science / Earth
Thursday February 12, 2015

Paleontologists head to the hills in Antarctica to recover plant fossils. Among their amazing finds are the second largest fossil forests ever found in Antarctica and new plant species from more than...

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Tanker Weather
Features / Operations
Monday February 09, 2015

Every year a fuel vessel, above, arrives at McMurdo Station. Invariably, the weather takes a turn for the worse, with colder temperatures and high winds as the summer comes to an end....

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Personnel with the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping install the laser-mapping instrument in a Twin Otter aircraft. Scanning the Horizon
Science / Earth
Friday January 30, 2015

Are the McMurdo Dry Valleys melting? It may seem like a strange question to ask about one of Antarctica's few relatively ice-free places. However, ice buried just below the dark sediment surface is rapidly disintegrating.
The MV Ocean Giant arrived at McMurdo Station on Monday, Jan. 26 (local time), with nearly seven million pounds of supplies. Big Load
Features / Operations
Wednesday January 28, 2015

The cargo vessel chartered to resupply two of the National Science Foundation's research stations in Antarctica seems up to the task based on name alone. The MV OCEAN GIANT arrived at McMurdo Station on Jan. 26, with nearly seven million pounds of supplies.
Instruments are deployed down the borehole at the Ross Ice Shelf grounding zone. In the Zone
Science / The Biological World
Wednesday January 21, 2015

Two years ago, a team of scientists, engineers and technicians broke into a subglacial lake nearly a kilometer underneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Now the group has for the first time drilled through an ice shelf near where the ice is attached to the seafloor, a critical area of ice-ocean dynamics known as the grounding zone.

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