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Big Load
Features / Operations
Wednesday January 28, 2015

The cargo vessel chartered to resupply two of the National Science Foundation's research stations in Antarctica seems up to the task based on name alone. The MV OCEAN GIANT arrived at McMurdo...

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In the Zone
Science / The Biological World
Wednesday January 21, 2015

Two years ago, a team of scientists, engineers and technicians broke into a subglacial lake nearly a kilometer underneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Now the group has for the first time...

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Breaking Through
Features / Operations
Monday January 19, 2015

The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Polar Star reached McMurdo Station on Jan. 18 for a one-day port call before returning to McMurdo Sound to continue clearing a channel in the sea ice....

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A Holiday to Remember
Features / Back in the Day
Friday January 16, 2015

My father, Wesley B. Harding, came to Antarctica a little more than 50 years ago to install an early experiment to study cosmic rays from the sun. Strange to think that today...

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Two for One
Science / Ice and Snow
Friday January 09, 2015

The most ambitious and extensive network of seismographs ever deployed on an ice shelf promises to reveal new information about two very different subjects....

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Window to the Past
Science / Earth
Friday January 02, 2015

Tyler Mackey slips through a hole in an ice-covered lake in Antarctica, dropping a dozen meters into the near-freezing water and diving back about 2.5 billion years into the past to study...

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Katy House reaches for a wrench while working on a Challenger tractor. Crossing the Gender Gap
Features / People Profiles
Friday January 02, 2015

Katy House thought she would live a fairly conventional life and be married with children at her age. Instead, at 27, she is the first woman in the world to travel on the thousand-mile-long South Pole operations Traverse, or SPoT, as a diesel mechanic.
A video data recorder attached to a Weddel seal in McMurdo Sound assists scientists in understanding how the animals navigate underwater. Magnetic Personality?
Science / The Biological World
Monday December 22, 2014

The ability for Weddell seals to return to the same breathing hole from more than a kilometer away caught the attention of researchers who are investigating whether the seals employ a magnetic sense to navigate under sea ice.
MacOps operator Alyssa Hartson handles radio traffic while McMurdo Station communications supervisor Shelly Campbell and operator Sage Asher discuss work schedules. MacOps, MacOps
Features / Operations
Thursday December 18, 2014

McMurdo Communications Operations, better known as MacOps, is the nerve center for radio traffic between the research station and field parties as close as the nearby sea ice and as far as field camps hundreds of miles away.

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