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McMurdo Station

A U.S. Air Force C-17 lands at Pegasus Runway on June 8, 2016 McMurdo's Shortest Day
Around the Continent / McMurdo Station News
Monday July 11, 2016

Midwinter. It’s the shortest "day" of the year, a word that is largely irrelevant on a station that hasn't seen any sunlight for several weeks. June is the darkest part of the winter and the halfway point, for most, towards going home. But for some, June was just the beginning of a new season on the Ice.

South Pole Station

After landing, the medevac Twin Otter pulls forward onto bamboo mats to prevent the skis from freezing to the snow A Midwinter Medevac
Around the Continent / South Pole Station News
Monday July 11, 2016

Midwinter at Pole was busier than usual. Two people needed to be flown off continent for medical reasons, a feat not attempted in years and never this late in the winter. Although it certainly had its risks, the entire medevac operation went smoothly. A huge thank-you to the two flight crews who made it all look easy.

Palmer Station

Chefs Lisa Minelli-Endlich and Zack Morgan prepare to serve Midwinter dinner Gone Icefishin’
Around the Continent / Palmer Station News
Thursday June 30, 2016

We’re past the mid-winter hump and still going strong. We hosted a crew of drillers from Webster Drilling this month, along with the last fishing cruise for the Detrich science group. Early in the month, we put on our dress coveralls to appreciate the creativity of our fellow winter crew members in Palmer’s first ever Ant-ART-ica art show.

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