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Mountaineers Ned Corkran and John Loomis examine a crack near an iceberg that is frozen in the sea ice close to Cape Evans, Ross Island. Get Cracking
Features / Operations
Thursday November 20, 2014

Between the few brief months when the sea ice in McMurdo Sound finally solidifies and then starts to fall apart again, scientists and support personnel move back and forth across its ice-covered surface. It's up to local mountaineers to monitor the sea ice for safety.
A U.S. Air Force C-17 pilot uses night-vision goggles to land at Pegasus Airfield near McMurdo Station in 2008. Year-Round Access
Features / Operations
Thursday October 30, 2014

Thanks to advances in technology and capability, McMurdo Station can be reached safely at any time of the year in the case of an emergency. Now the National Science Foundation plans to parlay that ability into regularly scheduled flights during the winter.

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