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An unmanned aerial vehicle launches from the back of a pickup truck, which drives down a groomed runway near McMurdo Station. Restricted Airspace
Features / Operations
Tuesday September 23, 2014

They fly over outdoor concerts and battlefields. They come in all shapes and sizes Unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly filling airspaces around the world. Antarctica is no exception.
Passengers deplane from a C-17 on Aug. 24. The first WinFly flights arrived at McMurdo Station after a four-day delay due to storms. Safe Landings
Features / Operations
Friday August 29, 2014

A storm packing 80-mile-per-hour winds slammed into McMurdo Station earlier this month, delaying the first flights to the U.S. Antarctic Program's largest research base by four days. More than 200 people started arriving on Aug. 24 after waiting for a break in the weather.

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