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El Niño is clearly visible in this October 12 satellite image, as a red band of warming water in the Pacific Ocean. El Niño in Antarctica
Science / Oceans and Atmosphere
Wednesday October 28, 2015

If the weather at the bottom of the world seems a little out of whack this year, blame El Niño. Every few years, the ocean around the eastern and central Pacific warms a few degrees, disrupting weather patterns across the ocean from Alaska to Antarctica. Scientists at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting that this year’s El Niño will be a particularly strong one.
Scientist Lars Kalnajs works on aerosol instruments in Hut 17 on the sea ice. Salt Spray
Science / Oceans and Atmosphere
Friday December 05, 2014

A team of atmospheric scientists, led by Lars Kalnajs at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Peter DeCarlo at Drexel University, are making some of the first real-time measurements of aerosol size and composition in Antarctica.

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