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Sometimes referred to as “the Golf Ball,” the Radome of the McMurdo Ground station sits atop the hill overlooking the station. GRACE-Fo to McMurdo Ground Station
Features / Artists and Writers Program
Tuesday August 07, 2018

Atop the hill overlooking McMurdo Station sits what, at first glance, looks like a giant golf ball. The huge structure, or radome, shelters a 10-meter satellite dish that collects data from polar-orbiting satellites passing overhead.
Inside the historic hut at Cape Royds, Shaun O'Boyle lines up his camera to capture the scene. The Aesthetics of Antarctic Architecture
Features / Artists and Writers Program
Thursday April 28, 2016

The current aesthetics of McMurdo station and its field camps are not likely to go down in history as great achievements of modern architecture. But for photographer Shaun O'Boyle, this weathered, utilitarian look was a part of what attracted him to Antarctica.

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