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Katie Holmes works on a Slocum glider from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, used to monitor the oceanic conditions around Palmer Station. Detecting Anomalous Life Swarms
Science / The Biological World
Tuesday September 01, 2020

The seas around Antarctica are alive, but that life is not evenly distributed everywhere. Vast regions of barren ocean are punctuated by oases of concentrated nutrients that create hotspots of biological activity.
(Left to right) Jacob Idec, Scott Hotaling and J.D. Gantz search for midge larvae in moss atop a rocky hill on an island near Palmer Station. Insects in the Extreme
Science / The Biological World
Monday June 29, 2020

Scientists are taking a close look at Antarctica's largest land animal. It's a small insect called the Antarctic midge, and they don't grow much bigger than a fingernail.

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