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From the air, emperor penguins show up as tiny spots against the white ice. Researchers using aerial photos like this are comparing them to satellite photos to get a complete census of emperor penguin colonies. Penguins From SPAAAAAACCCE
Science / The Biological World
Tuesday February 05, 2019

Scientists want to know how many emperor penguins there are in the world, and they're using Earth-observing satellites to count them.
A Trematomus bernacchii swims up to the surface of a holding tank. Researchers want to know how these and other Antarctic fish will react to warming ocean waters. Stressed Out Fish?
Science / The Biological World
Monday January 07, 2019

Climate change is expected to be stressful on fish species worldwide: as the climate warms, so too will the oceans, putting a strain on creatures that depend on consistent water temperatures.

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