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A proneomenia, one of the worm-like aplacophorans Kevin Kocot and his team collected off the coast of Antarctica. Cruising for Mollusks
Science / The Biological World
Monday March 29, 2021

Scientists are going to the ends of the Earth to discover all they can about an obscure group of sparkly, worm-like mollusks. There's lots of these critters living on the seafloor surrounding Antarctica, but they're not easy to get at and only a few scientists are studying them.
Researchers Candace Grimes (left) and Damien Waits process recently collected annelid worms in the lab on board the research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer. Charting a Genetic Sea Change
Science / The Biological World
Monday March 15, 2021

Scientists are mapping the coastline of ancient Antarctica using DNA from underwater invertebrates alive today. In October, despite the ongoing COVID pandemic, a team of researchers sailed from California to Antarctica to bring back the sea creatures with evidence of a long-lost transantarctic sea coded into their genes.

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