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Storms in October brought high winds that caused blowing snow at McMurdo Station more often than not through most of the month. Whiteout
Features / Life on the Ice
Thursday November 06, 2014

There have been few pauses between a string of relentless storms in October that brought strong winds and snow to the Ross Island region since the first planes of summer arrived. The bad weather may have a relationship with the phenomenon known as the El Nino and Southern Oscillation.
A ground blizzard sweeps across the ice shelf that leads to Ross Island, where McMurdo Station and New Zealand's Scott Base are located Stormy Weather
Features / Life on the Ice
Thursday October 02, 2014

Stormy weather. It's been a familiar tune the last couple of months at McMurdo Station, where more than 62 inches of snow fell in August and windy conditions caused delays to several flights scheduled that month.

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