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Chris Gardner (left) takes a water sample from a glacial stream in Miers Valley while Melisa Diaz (center) and Adolfo Calero examine a sampling pipette. Pumping Iron
Science / Earth
Tuesday May 26, 2020

Cold, hard iron is on the move. Particles of the ferrous metal are trickling into Antarctica's oceans, and marine algae are gobbling it up.
At the far end of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Jen Lamp performs some final checks before leaving her experiment out for the austral winter. Listening to Rock Music
Science / Earth
Monday July 08, 2019

Rocks are cracking up all over Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys. Though it may take hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years, the slow but inevitable processes of weathering eventually reduce all rocks into sand or even clay.

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