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Researchers set up their equipment on Mount Erebus to probe the interior of the volcano. Giving Mount Erebus a CAT Scan
Science / Earth
Thursday March 10, 2016

An international collaboration of scientists is using electromagnetic emissions from lightning strikes and solar wind to map the inner workings of Antarctica's Mount Erebus, the world's southernmost active volcano. The research, led by scientists from New Zealand and the United States, will yield the clearest picture yet of the volcano's interior.
Scientists survey unusual sulfate formations near a small pond by the Lewis Cliff Ice Tongue. The Lost Dry Valleys of the Polar Plateau
Science / Earth
Wednesday October 21, 2015

Today the McMurdo Dry Valleys are a unique geographic feature in Antarctica, lowland regions away from the coast with no ice cover. However, unusual mineral mounds discovered along the Transantarctic Mountains indicates that there may have once been more places like them elsewhere on the continent.

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