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A male Weddell seal on the ice in Erebus Bay. Photo taken in accordance with NMFS permits 1032-1917 and 17236. Antarctic ice shivers from distant earthquakes
Science / Earth
Thursday October 07, 2021

Antarctica is the most remote continent on Earth, but new research shows it is still connected to what happens in the rest of the world. A new study finds large earthquakes can cause ice on the slopes of Antarctica's Mt. Erebus to quiver and vibrate, even when the quake happens thousands of miles away.
A view of Mt. Erebus's lava lake, one of only a few long-lasting lava lakes in the world. Tapping Erebus's Power
Science / Earth
Monday July 26, 2021

The heat given off by Antarctica's Mount Erebus could help power instruments monitoring the volcano, giving scientists a way to study Erebus's lava lake during the long polar night for the first time. Researchers have found a way to harness the heat from the magma underneath Erebus and turn it into electricity that can power scientific instruments.

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