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An aerial image of the calving front of Thwaites Ice Shelf taken on October 16, 2012. Warm Ocean Water is Eroding Thwaites Ice Shelf From Below
Science / Ice and Snow
Monday August 09, 2021

Scientists got their first glimpse at the ocean conditions surrounding the Thwaites Ice Shelf in 2019, and recently published results are worrisome for the rapidly melting ice shelf and the glacier behind it.
Members of the U.S. Antarctic Program's South Pole Traverse team rappel down into a crevasse to get a better view. Radar Satellites Spot Dangerous Crevasses Humans Can't See
Science / Ice and Snow
Monday July 12, 2021

Antarctic researchers and support staff can now more easily find and avoid dangerous crevasses on long traverses carrying supplies to remote camps and stations, thanks to the help of a German radar satellite.

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